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Local Grant Applications

Local organisations wishing to make an application for grant funding should do so using the Grant Application Form.

A copy can also be obtained by contacting the Clerk to Stanstead St Margaret’s Parish Council by email at

Applications should be received by the 8th November and will be considered at the meeting on the 12th November.

To be eligible for a grant award under Section 137 an organisation must;

  1. Be established for charitable, benevolent, social, cultural, recreational or philanthropic purposes
  2. Have a constitution, or a set of rules, which defines it aims, objectives and operational procedures.
  3. Be able to provide a copy of its latest annual accounts or most recent bank statements
  4. Have a bank account with more than one signatory.
  5. Be able to meet the conditions and provide the information outlined in the Parish Council’s Grants Application Form and Terms of Reference.

View the full Grant Policy & Procedure Document.

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