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Parish Council Minerals Plan Objection Letter

Here is the objection letter sent to the proposed Minerals plan, and below the Minerals and Waste Policies Team automatic response:-

Minerals plan consultation letter - View pdf

"Thank you for your email which has been received by the Minerals and Waste Policy Team. Your email will be reviewed and a response provided as necessary.

If your email is in response to the Proposed Submission Minerals Local Plan, please note the following:

All representations received relating to the Minerals Local Plan will be submitted along with the Plan itself to the Secretary of State for independent examination, known as an Examination in Public. A Programme Officer (with no connection to the preparation of the Minerals Local Plan) will be appointed to administer the process of the Examination in Public and will contact all representors who have expressed a wish to take part in the hearing sessions.

Following the close of the publication period, the county council will produce a statement of the main issues raised which will be made available on the council web pages:

If you have any further queries, you can contact the team further on 01992 556 227."

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