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Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council Grant Applications

Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council has a limited budget to make grants on a discretionary basis, to voluntary organisations and community groups that provide services that benefit the economic, environmental and/or social wellbeing of residents of the Parish of Stanstead Abbotts. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Capital grants for equipment
  • Revenue grants to pay running costs and salaries
  • Funding for particular events
  • Funding for particular projects

In deciding on the allocation of grants, the Parish Council will take into account the financial status of the organisation/group and who in the community will benefit from the grant.

To make a grant application, please download and complete this application form, and email it to Jacky Fleming, Clerk to the Council, email address:

Deadline for submission of applications for 2016-17 is Monday 14th November 2016. Grants will be considered and allocated in the Parish Council Meeting on 15th November 2016.

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